Advanced training program for academic refugees

MTOP provides 200 hours of personalized guidance for refugees interested in entering the labor market. Through skills training and workshops, MTOP Associates are provided the opportunity to contribute to the societies they live in, as well as play an active role in their own integration. MTOP mentors assist refugees in building a professional network for accessing employment opportunities.

MTOP Associate Programm

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Work force integration
Cross-cultural Dialogue
Networking Events
Case Study
Mentoring Program
One-on-one Coaching
% of MTOP Associates have successfully entered the labor market
skills workshops and personalized job coaching lessons have been conducted
hours exchanged between mentors and associates
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Our Associates

Associates are the participants in the MTOP Associate Program. Get to know them!


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Together we can accomplish our mission of providing everyone with an equal opportunity to become a contributing member to society and the job market. The MTOP team hopes to achieve a vision in which one’s education, not origin, determines their success in society.


One-on-one job coaching and cultural exchange is the goal of the MTOP Mentoring Program.


Volunteering with MTOP is an opportunity for someone who wishes to be self-employed, has initiative, enjoys working with people, and have flexible schedules. If this applies to you, we hope to hear from you!

Sponsorship program:

With the donation of 2500€, companies can aid refugees in creating partnerships with MTOP. Let’s create new perspectives together.

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