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We help your business to exploit its full potential.

The core of our young and dynamic social business follows one goal: To connect highly skilled refugees with suitable companies in the Austrian labour market. In the course of this win-win-situation we demonstrate the potential of integration, teach executives how to leverage on diversity and help to overcome prejudices.

We strengthen equal opportunities on the job market.

Within the past three years we selected 235 highly skilled refugees for the MTOP Associate Programme. In many trainings, workshops and coachings our associates are taught the particularities of the Austrian labour market. Moreover, our mentoring programme continues to support our associates even after their job entry.

We enrich your team in many aspects.

Around 70% of our MTOP alumni manage the integration into the Austrian job market and start to work after completing the Associate Programme. This is only possible thanks to the 80 companies of our MTOP business network that decide to offer our talented associates from IT, Technology or Economics to continue their professional careers in Austria.  

% of our associates were successfully integrated into the job market
hours of workshops and coachings completed
hours of fruitful exchange between industry experts and associates
people reached with impact campaigns through our facebook page

Our Associates

Associates are the participants of our MTOP Associate Programme. Get to know them!



Together with you we can realize our vision – a world in which education matters for your professional career and not your origin.

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