At More Than One Perspektive (MTOP), we believe that everyone deserves the same opportunities in the labour market, regardless of their background. We believe in the great potential of diversity and are committed to an inclusive workplace.


We live in a society that gives people with a migration background prospects in the labour market so that they can realise their potential as full members of our society.

We have been working towards this goal every day for almost five years. In the meantime, we have accompanied more than 450 people on their way to a job and thus changed lives in a sustainable way. This is only possible with the help of our corporate partners, who promote a diverse society and offer jobs for all. We have developed long-term partnerships that produce meaningful and profitable activities and content for all involved.

Invitation to partnership

Support us with your financial contribution to take over social responsibility. With your contribution, we can take important steps together towards an inclusive society.

As diverse as our society is, so are the possibilities for shaping our partnership. We offer a wide range of services in return, which we are happy to tailor to the individual interests and needs of your company (corporate volunteering, events, impact report, employer branding, and much more).

We look forward to discussing the concepts and possibilities of cooperation with you. Let's create perspectives together!


Possibilities of cooperation

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