“Through MTOP, I was able to find a stable job and live comfortably in Austria.”

Eyad Jarach
MTOP Associate

MTOP Associate Programm

The MTOP Associate Program is aimed at providing career training and opportunities for motivated and highly-skilled refugees.

Applications for the next MTOP Associate Program will begin in September 2018.

Associates are prepared for the labor market with 200 hours of training and personalized coaching.

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Step 1

Online Application + Essay Questions

The online registration includes uploading files and filling out personal data. Completion and thoroughness in essay question responses is important for understanding you and your motivation as a potential MTOP Associate.
Step 2

Telephone Interview (optional)

Telephone interviews will only be held if there are confusions/concerns with the initial application submitted.
Step 3

Assessment Center

One admitted to the Associates Program, new members are invited to the Assessment Center to take an associate photo and meet other candidates.

Applications for the next MTOP Associate Program will begin in September 2018.

For Interested Applicants

Costs for the entire program:



Contact us at [email protected] or onFacebook

Tips for the Application Process

These questions will help in the application process. Before you send us an inquiry, please read this question first. Maybe your question will be answered then.

All communication is done by email during the application process. Please check both your Inbox and Spam Folder regularly for emails from MTOP.
The first step of the application process takes about 30 minutes. There, you will fill out a simple information form, upload your CV, and answer our essay questions. Your CV should give us a brief overview of your educational background and experiences.
The essay questions in the first step are related to your career motivations. Please take your time to answer the questions thoroughly, preferably in German. Above all, the content is more important than proper German when writing your essays.
Telephone interviews will only be held if there are is any confusion/concern with your initial application. Calls will last no longer than 15 minutes.
In the last step of the process, we invite you to our Assessment Center. We may ask you to bring certain documents that were not submitted in your initial application.
The dress code for the Assessment Center is business attire. Men may wear suits, and women may wear blouses. Be prepared to spend a few minutes talking about yourself to other candidates at the Center. Please do not schedule anything on those two meeting days.

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