With us to new perspectives.

Bilal and

Gundi Wentner
Partner Deloitte Österreich

“During his Deloitte internship, Bilal has shown us great commitment and a desire to learn. He is currently enrolled in the Deloitte/RBI Finance & Accounting School, and will later work for Deloitte’s Business Process Services. From the time that I met him, I noticed Bilal’s motivation, clearly making him an asset to Deloitte Austria.”

MTOP Alumni

“I got in contact with Deloitte through MTOP. So far, I have pursued an internship at Deloitte through Oxford University’s study on Refugees in the Labor Market. Through this internship, I will be able to gain new experiences and greatly improve my German skills.Working with Austrian employees at the Deloitte internship was the biggest step for my integration into Austria.”

Mohammad and  

Vroni und Elmar Blaschke
Geschäftsführer Lumasi

“Mohammad has been a great addition to our company. He brings his own ideas to the table, and is always there when you need him. Since his hiring, he has already looked after some our most important customers. Aside from his work ethic, however, his personal qualities fit perfectly into out “multicultural pile,” adding more energy to our work environment.”

MTOP Alumni

“At MTOP, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of talented people, refresh my knowledge and job skills, and of course, learn German. The atmosphere, wonderful colleagues, professional team, and support from LUMASI was exactly the type of job I was looking for. My boss, Elmar Blaschke is like a mentor to me, and always gives me useful advice. At LUMASI, I am able to develop my skills, gain new experiences, and achieve my goals, all thanks to my partnership with MTOP. My time at LUMASI truly proves the message that ‘dreams can come true.’”

Would your company benefit from a unique and diverse workforce?

We will be happy to contact you and create individual offers.

What distinguishes MTOP Associates?

  • Are Trained professionals from the Arab world
  • Have free access to the Austrian labor market
  • Have experience in their fields
  • Enhance companies and provide diverse skills as employees
  • Bring new ideas and perspectives to job teams
  • Become a loyal employee in your company

Create new perspectives with MTOP!

MTOP Connect

Recruit New Employees

MTOP assists companies in finding motivated employees, and ensures successful job entry through further support and job coaching.

“In my workshop, I prepared MTOP Associates for their job interviews. Together, we have placed ourselves on the side of the recruiters and designed the "why" of the application questions. It was very exciting for me to work with so many motivated participants and also to get one or two unexpected questions."
Nikolaus, Co-Founder & Managing-Partner Klaiton

Intercultural Training

Professional development

Your employees experience new cultural perspectives and grow beyond themselves!

MTOP hosts personal development workshops together with our Associates. your employees see their 'social impact' and put habitual ways of working in a new context.

Intercultural training on 3 levels:

  • Employees becoming mentors
  • Employees independently hold trainings in a new cultural environment
  • Employees step in an MTOP intercultural dialogue as part of the diverse Group

"It was a nice and exciting experience for me, and the mutual exchange of ideas opened up many interesting perspectives - which enriched both of us - a great initiative from which you can learn a lot!"
MTOP Mentorin Stella – Consult, International Organization

"The intercultural dialogue with the MTOP associates was a great way to talk about commonalities and differences in our cultures and to shed light on them from different perspectives. The exciting thing was, above all, that actually the similarities outweighed. It was a revealing afternoon in a comfortable atmosphere that has certainly benefited both sides."
Anna-Lena Lock, Teach for Austria Alumni

Perspective Consult

Generation of new customers

Have you been wondering for some time how you can successfully address this group?
Are migrants an exciting consumer group for your company?

Highly qualified, refugee academics work out answers for your business in 6-8 weeks. They will be accompanied by Stephan Dertnig - former BCG Chairman and Senior Partner - and supported by MTOP.

WIN for you
Cost-effective and professional analyzes, assessments and recommendations to address migrants as potential consumers for your business.

WIN for Perspective Consultants
First insights into the working methods and structures of companies in Austria. Contact and feedback from leaders.

In the years 2014/2015 alone, more than 82,000 people from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq came to Austria.

18.3% of people living in Austria were born abroad

Your company wants to benefit from diversity?

We will be happy to contact you and create individual offers.

"I support MTOP's valuable work for two reasons: On the one hand because I believe that integration and employment belong together and that these young talents should not be wasted. On the other hand, because our company also suffers from the shortage of skilled workers and technicians in Austria and always are motivated new employees welcome - no matter where they come from."  Nikolaus Griller - CEO Gebauer & Griller


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