About us

For a professional world
as colourful as we are

Our vision

We are part of a society that gives people with a migration background suitable prospects in the labour market so that they are able to realize their full potential as members of our society.

Our mission

We promote an equal-opportunity world and bring together people with a refugee or migration background and suitable companies in the Austrian labour market. Within the framework of this win-win situation, we sustainably change life paths and advocate for a diverse and inclusive working world.

Our impact

MTOP Associates already accompanied
% successfully integrated into the labour market
satisfied company partners

Founding history

MTOP is a social business founded in 2016 by Nina Poxleitner, Julian Richter and Lisa-Maria Sommer-Fein. They worked as Teach For Austria Fellows at secondary schools in Vienna for two years and experienced first-hand that integration in Austria does not yet work as it should. This was the starting point in their journey to show the great potential of integration in Austria and make the advantages of diversity tangible. By bringing together well-educated refugees and Austrian companies, they have turned their vision into reality.