MTOP Storytelling Ling

Beim #MTOPstorytelling erzählen unsere Associates ihre Geschichte. Wie war für sie das Ankommen in Österreich, was war schwierig und wie sind sie damit umgegangen?

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My name is Ling, I am 38 years old, I come from China and came to Vienna two years ago. I was studying International Relations in Russia for seven years. Then I started working in some Russian speaking countries for a Chinese company. My husband and I worked in many different countries. Before moving to Vienna, we were living in the Czech Republic, so the change was not too big.

When the lockdowns came, it was hard because we have two kids and my business stopped operating. I was working in China-European trade. We definitely wanted to stay in Vienna because I wanted a stable environment for my children to grow up. We also like Vienna, it is very nice and kids friendly plus, we can speak English here.

I tried to find work at that time but it was hard because of Covid, the economy has not recovered yet. I ended up being unemployed for almost one year. I have created a CV on LinkedIn and had some interviews but they were not successful. Then I saw the MTOP advertisement on Facebook and thought maybe I could need some help. It is better to use some help from local organizations to understand the local market. I contacted MTOP and then got some interviews. I often did not have time for the seminars but I got many individual coachings. 

As part of the MTOP Associate Program, I created a CV, I got some interviews and wrote new motivation letters. I learned a lot about the Austrian labor market and specific Austrian labor laws. The materials MTOP provides are very useful. After five to six months, MTOP introduced me to a job as an Operations Specialist at AMEX, which is the job I am currently doing in my third week. I was very open to work in different fields and Anna prepared me well for the job interview. 

My new position is not difficult for me because I have worked in similar positions before but I am new to the medical field in which AMEX operates. My international background was really important for the position as the company operates worldwide and there are employees from over 30 nations. We also have many suppliers from China and projects in Ukraine, so my language skills are important.

As an Operations Specialist, it is my job to control the aftersales transfer of medical products. I have to communicate with supplies, order items like medical equipment and medications, compare suppliers according to quality and price, and control orders.

Comparing work in China versus in Austria, it is very different. In Chinese companies it is very stressful. We have a lot of work to do. The workload per person covers an actual workload for 2-3 people. This is why we always work overtime to reach the KPIs.

In Austria, the working environment is really good: The co-workers are very friendly and help others to integrate. The workload is manageable for one person which means less stress. Austrian employers give you more freedom to work independently and flexible. It feels very comfortable.

My start at AMEX was really nice! Before I joined the company, it was Chinese New Year and they invited me to the company’s new year party where I even brought my kids. I was surprised that all the employees already knew about me and welcomed me with open arms. The onboarding process at AMEX is great because you quickly get to know everybody.

The company overall encourages internal exchange and free-time activities for its staff like skiing trips or playing sports together. This job opened a new window to Austria because I made new friends with kids. My friendships are very narrow with my co-workers. They teach me about life in Vienna. It makes my life here more colorful.

I just started this new position but for my further career, I see myself trying out different departments within AMEX once I am expert in my field. They invest a lot into their employees to help them grow within the company.

After living in a lot of different countries, Austria is the best country so far. I got a very nice job, and I want to live my daily life perfectly.