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“Thank to MTOP i am doing Trainee at a bank. My job means for me: certainty, fun, and experience!”
Moudar - MTOP Associate 2017

MTOP Associate Programm

MTOP provides 200 hours of personalized guidance for refugees interested in entering the labor market. Through skills training and workshops, MTOP Associates are provided the opportunity to contribute to the societies they live in, as well as play an active role in their own integration. MTOP mentors assist refugees in building a professional network for accessing employment opportunities.


Labor Market Integration
MTOP Associates work to understand the Austrian labor market, gain insight into companies, and build a network of potential employers. Through training sessions that teach presentation and communication skills and one-on-one coaching by MTOP mentors, associates are able to rebuild their resumes and communicate confidently in job interviews. Through labor market integration, associates are also given insight into the Austrian tax and insurance systems, as well as the basic laws of employment in Austria.
Cross-cultural dialogue
Through personalized job coaching, MTOP Associates and mentors spend months communicating and building relationships regardless of cultural differences. This is what makes the MTOP Associate Program so unique- with the goal of integration, MTOP effectively brings people from various cultures together to provide not only a diverse skill set to the workplace, but understanding as well.
Networking Events
Connections and first impressions are important in the job world. MTOP organizes networking events to connect associates and partners, allowing for both cultural and professional exchanges.
Case Study
Together with experts from different fields, MTOP Associates work on real-life cases and get insights into different industries.
Mentor Program
Job professionals act as mentors to MTOP Associates for 5 months, providing advice, answering questions, and helping associates to build job networks.
MTOP Associates work one-on-one with professionals to discuss personal questions and concerns related to the labor market in Austria.

„Dieses Projekt wird durch den Asyl-, Migrations- und Integrationsfonds und das Bundesministerium für Europa, Integration und Äußeres kofinanziert“

Typical Associate Profile

  • Around 29 years old
  • Come from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine
  • Around 5 years of professional experience

Das nächste Programm startet im September 2018

MTOP Connect

MTOP Connect links trained and highly-skilled refugees directly with employers in Austria. This program accompanies refugees beyond the employment process, advising them on other aspects of the job market in Austria.


MTOP associates are connected with companies suited to their careers, and create a network based on their respective professions. At the same time, MTOP assists companies looking for specific employees, providing both skill and diversity to their work environments.


Associates are accompanied by MTOP mentors for 5 months. At the request of the specific company, MTOP also provides onboarding workshops and team building activities.

Step 1


Step 2

MTOP Associate Programm

Applying, Training, Mentoring, Coaching
Step 3

MTOP Connect

Step 4

MTOP Ambassador Programm

Begin working and serve as an MTOP alumnus

„Unterstützt durch das Bundesministerium für Digitalisierung und Wirtschaftsstandort“

MTOP Ambassador Programm

The MTOP Ambassador Program is the alumni network of MTOP associates. Together, we hope to create a society where origin does not limit one’s opportunities. Rather, we hope to foster futures built on education, commitment, and performance.

DIAA, software-developer

BILAL, business process service at Deloitte

WAEL, software-developer

MOHAMED, IT consultant at Lumasi

KARAM, business-informatics

HISHAM, managing director from Taybat

NISREEN, natural sciences

EYAD, medizintechniker

ABDULLAH, computer science-technology

BASHAR, senior developer at Coorum

IMAD, works at TU Vienna

EYAD, business-informatics

ABDUL, accountant at PORR

FARAH, software-developer

MOUDAR, internship at Western Union

GHIATH, software-developer

HAIA, online marketing & community manager at MTOP

SHATHA, communication-technology

HAMDI, works at research project

MOUNIER, internship at PWC

M.FALAH, construction-engineer

RIMA, architect at an architectural office

TAREK, internship at PWC

MOHAMMAD, construction engineer in Strabag

ASHRAF, pharmacist

KHOLOUD, English literatur

KHALID, software-developer

LYNN, architect at HOPPE

ALI, IT consultant

KAMAL, mathematician

HAMZEH, internship at BPI

HAMIDREZA, works at K.A.T GmbH

ISMAEL, software-developer

VINA, internship at element A

HADI, software-developer

Perspective Consult

Highly-skilled refugees become consultants for companies with guidance and skills training from experienced business consultants.

The combination of competencies, understanding of one's own culture and needs and thus new perspectives is the best basis for our MTOP consulting projects.

  • Associates become experts in their new industries, join companies, and build a professional job network in Austria.
  • Companies benefit from target-group-specific knowledge, can offer relevant products for the target group and thus enlarge their market. They can address new customers directly and retain them.
  • As a result, all refugees have access to products and services and find their way around the 'System Austria' better.

“We hope to extend our services to people with Arab background, and expertise is required to reach this group.”
Alex - Marketing manager (Insurance Industry)

“I got new insight into an industry I previously had little knowledge of. Project management was a difficult field at first, but I soon became confident in my contribution to the company. I was able to present the results of 6 weeks’ worth of research. This was my first presentation in German, and I could not be more proud”
Kamal - MTOP Associate

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