Learning from each other - MTOP Mentoring Program

For each MTOP Associate we are looking for a mentor who will accompany them individually on their way to the job market. The aim of the mentoring program is to promote professional and cultural exchange between mentors and associates. Further goals can be agreed upon individually and deepened in 1:1 coaching. The more similar the professional backgrounds of mentor and mentee are, the more successful the exchange is. At the moment we are looking for mentors with backgrounds in economics, technology and IT. MTOP accompanies demand-oriented mentors and mentees throughout the entire programme.

Mentors and mentees meet 2-4 hours a month plus optional regular meetings. The mentor-mentee couples agree on how these 2-4 hours are divided up individually. This can be going out for coffee once a week, taking a walk together, or attending a professional event. This automatically trains the German language, deepens individual industry knowledge and builds a common cultural understanding.

The next MTOP Mentoring Program starts in April 2018.

> Become a mentor?

We are looking forward to 2-3 lines to (1) your professional background / studies - We try to match as closely as possible similar professional backgrounds and (2) your targets for the MTOP mentoring program.

> Open questions?

We will be happy to answer them! Please use the form below.

"The mentoring program was a nice and exciting experience for me. The mutual exchange opened up many interesting perspectives - which enriched us both. A super initiative from which you can learn a lot!"
Stella, consultant - international organizations

"The mentoring program gives me the opportunity to meet new people and cultures. Particularly inspiring is the drive and ambition with which my mentee strives to enter the labour market."
MTOP Associate

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